DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Lawsuits Pile Up

The number of DePuy ASR™ hip replacement lawsuits filed in state and federal courts in the U.S. has reached 1,000 and is expected to climb. According to the Wall Street Journal, a Wells Fargo analyst estimated that Johnson & Johnson could face more than $1 billion in liability for its failing hip implants.

The company recalled the ASR™ hip implants last year after discovering that approximately 12 to 13 percent of the implants would fail within 5 years of implantation.

According to The British Orthopedic Association and the British Hip Society, the failure rate is much higher than that. The British orthopedists’ group says its data shows the failure rate to be 21 percent after 4 years and 49 percent after 6 years.

Before the recall, more than 90,000 patients received an ASR™ implant. According to the Wall Street Journal, J&J increased its liability fund to $570 million last year to prepare for the potential cost of DePuy settlements.

If you are among the thousands of people who have been implanted with a recalled DePuy hip implant and have experienced problems, we may be able to help you recover compensation for your suffering. Contact our hip implant lawyers for help today.