Portland Orthopaedics, Ltd. M-COR Modular Hip System

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2006 for marketing in the U.S., the M-COR Modular hip system produced by Portland Orthopedics, Ltd. is a hip replacement device used to treat the following conditions when less invasive treatment options do not work:

  • Bone tumors affecting the hips
  • Hip fractures or severe hip dislocations
  • Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis

M-COR Modular Hip Replacement System Design

The M-COR Modular hip system is comprised of a "head" that is made up of a ball-and-socket mechanism and of a "neck" that attaches the ball within the cup-like socket (which mirrors the way the hip joint functions) to the femur (thigh) bone beneath. Depending on a patient's needs, medical condition, medical history and lifestyle (specifically whether the patient is active or not), the design of the M-COR Modular hip system can vary in the following ways:

  • The head component can be made out of alumina ceramic or a CoCr alloy (i.e. a cobalt-chromium alloy). Typically, metal head components are recommended for younger patients and/or those who live more active lifestyles, as the metal provides for greater range of motion.
  • The size of the head component can vary between 28 millimeters (mm) to 36 mm in diameter. The right size for a specific patient will depend on the patient's frame, stature, and weight.
  • The neck component, which is exclusively made of a titanium alloy, can vary in height and the degree to which it is attached to the head component. While the height can range from 24 mm to 34 mm, the lateral offset can vary between 31 mm and 47 mm. The proper length for patients will depend on how much of the associated femur bone has been damaged by the underlying condition necessitating the hip implant.

Risks Associated with M-COR Modular Hip Replacement Systems

Like other hip implants, the M-COR Modular hip system is intended to treat the pain of serious hip conditions while also improving patient's mobility and overall quality of life. However, also like other hip devices, the M-COR Modular hip system does carry some risks that can require patient to need one or more revision surgeries to restore their health.

Some of the risks associated with the M-COR Modular hip system include:

  • Allergic reaction due to improper choice in component materials
  • Bone depletion (osteolysis) as a result of choosing the improper size of a neck piece for a patient's hip replacement system
  • Hip dislocation due to an improper choice in size or component materials for a specific patient or due to use of the wrong surgical technique during implantation
  • Metallosis, the accumulation of metal ions in the blood as a result of metal components grinding on each other (this condition can cause disorientation, confusion and neurological complications and, if not treated promptly, can lead to coma or death)
  • Inflammation of the tissue and bone surrounding the implant caused by metal shaving released from the metal on metal components

Patients are encouraged to discuss their complete medical history with their doctors before undergoing implantation surgery in order to minimize their chances of sustaining severe and painful hip implant complications.

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