DePuy Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System

Patient Information

The hip is a true ball and socket joint. The hip joint is where the ball-shaped top of the thigh bone (femoral head) meets the socket of the pelvic bone (acetabulum). An artificial hip joint fits into or replaces these parts. The artificial acetabulum is a cup-shaped metal shell that fits into the patient's acetabulum in the pelvis.

The artificial ball takes the place of the patient's own femoral head. A metal ball-shaped part is connected to a neck that is attached to a stem. The stem is surgically inserted into the patient's femur. The stem and neck anchor the ball in place on top of this bone.

The replacement parts act like the patient's own ball and socket hip joint, with the artificial ball rotating within the artificial acetabular shell. The DePuy parts are made of very smooth metal that glide against each other.

DePuy's Pinnacle® Hip Solutions was designed to allow a more fluid range of natural motion. The product uses TrueGlide™ technology allowing the patient's body to create a thin film of lubrication between surfaces, enabling the parts to glide against each other.

Problems with DePuy Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System

The concept of a metal ball gliding within an artificial metal cup or acetabulum was a good one. But it presented a set of problems for both the surgeons and patients. Surgeons said they found the acetabular cup was difficult to insert into the patient's pelvis and that the cup was too shallow.

Patients were experiencing pain. The metal-on-metal model, while good in theory, presented additional problems for patients. The rubbing of the metal surfaces against each other caused tiny particles of metal debris to flake off the implant. Some patients have reported:

  • Inflammation in bone and tissue around the implant
  • Damaged muscle and other soft tissue
  • Spread through the blood stream to other tissues and organs in the body

Patient Complaints

Patients have been complaining of:

  • Hip pain
  • Failure of their hip implants
  • Loosening of the implants
  • Problems walking
  • Trouble standing
  • Having high metallic levels in their bodies
  • Clicking or popping sounds in the area of their hip when they move.

Some patients have required revision surgery, or a second corrective surgery because of implant failure. Additional surgery involves all the normal risks patients take when having surgery, pain following the operation and during rehabilitation, the need for rehabilitation which is often longer than after the original surgery, and the expense of having another surgical procedure.

DePuy Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System Lawsuits

If your hip implant is causing you pain, you might be eligible to file a DePuy Pinnacle® Acetabular Cup System lawsuit. A lawsuit would seek compensation for damages including pain and suffering, cost of revision surgery and time off of work and everyday life. For more information, schedule a free case review by contacting our defective hip replacement attorneys today.

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